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real name: izabela. born march 8th 1988. that makes her pisces and dragon. polish. hometown: częstochowa. currently studying korean in university of poznań. has weak spot for asian guys, especially those wearing glasses. is a total game freak. a computer addict. spends too much time on internet. procrastinates alot. daydreams alot. shy. weirdo.



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Back August 2010
♡『page summary』
Wow it feels like I haven't updated my journal in a year...
...oh wait I actually didn't' ==

Got to say it quickly, because I need to sleep and do my homework.

...and rest of Epik High too:D

He misspelled my name, but who cares:D

Wanna see?:DCollapse )

oh my god oh my god!!
I've just returned from the Super Show and it was simply A M A Z I N G !!
They were just right there, they were singing they were dancing and they were just perfect ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
I HAVE to go tomorrow too, and I regret already that I'm not able to go on Sunday xD
Hopefully I'll get standing ticket tomorrow, because I want to dance and jump and be crazy, not only sit on my seat D:
I've already got a place where I want to stand, meaning where Eunhyuk was coming often, wish me luck on getting there:D

Sukira and Super Show
Late again, but I've been busy xD
This was to be about the places in Seoul I've seen so far, but my mind wanders to Super Junior's concert tonight and I just can't write about anything but them xD
So I'll show you some pictures from Sukira^^
We went on last week's Tuesday, totally not planning to stay till the end, but we did. Partially because we didn't want to take the taxi and the last metro leaves before midnight (Sukira lasts till midnight), and partially because, come on, standing for two hour and watching when you can understand only little of what they're talking about? But well, once we got there our Inner Fangirls awoke and they were much stronger than our rational selves:D
So we stayed till the end and had to take the taxi, which wasn't as hard as our friends said (that Korean drivers won't take non-asians), as we got into the 2nd taxi we'd tried^^
And thanks to our Inner Fangirls, after the radio has ended we went into the right direction by accident (as we didn't planned it xD) and saw some car that was driving driving away and stopped before us and other girls and it turned out to be Super Junior's car, as Eunhyuk and Eeteuk looked out the windows and said goodbyes and thank yous to all of us^^ I think they were less that 2 meters away from us lol. I have to listen to my Inner Fangirl more often xD

And~~ today is the first Super Show:D When I applied for student exchange I've never ever dreamed Super Junior will have concert when I'll be in Korea~~~~ So it's like my second dream coming true~~ So I'm really nervous, anxious, excited and I just can't wait. 두근두근거려~~~~ I just hope I won't forget to take my glasses as my seat is quite far from the scene and I won't be able to see a thing otherwise with my poor eyesight >.<
I'm going for tomorrow's show too, I've already made plans to some people and hopefully we'll meet^^~And here are some pictures~~Collapse )

Back... but not quite yet:D
Hello again:D
It's been exactly two weeks since I came to Korea, and so many things have happend that I don't know where to start xD

I should start from the beginning I think xD The flight was long and tiresome, and just as I predicted, I couldn't sleep through it so I was exhausted the whole day. I remember that when we were landing we saw grey sky and thought, that it'd be quite a cool they, but we were so wrong. It was hot. HOT. But not in a Polish way hot, because the temperature is similiar to Polish summers, about 20-30 degrees. It's just that there is no air to breathe. Absolutely no air >.< Our Polish friends came to the airport to pick us up, thank you very much Magda and Wojtek♡ They told us the weather's going to be even worse in August, and I seriously cannot imagine it o.O

Our journey from Incheon to our university located in Seoul, was hard, hot and sticky. I mean,, our clothes were sticking to our bodies, we were litteraly wet, in I should take a shower now kind of wet. Unfortunely we had to dream about said showers for few more hours, as once we got to our houses, we learned why they were so cheap:P I still have this uneasy feeling when going to bathroom, because you never know what you will see:D In other words it's dirty, there is no air conditioning (air cons are like heaven in this weather) and... we have cockroaches:D They are big and they are flying:D But cockroaches are nothing comparing to the things we've seen in our bathroom, I'll show you some pictures once I have internet connection. Yes, we don't have internet. It hurts really bad as not only we can't check our mail, but also our bank accounts to see how much we have left >.<  (and the money disappears really quickly T-T) Well, if you hold your notebook near the window in a weird way you can catch... some wireless, which I am doing right now:D But shh:P
In other words, I want to forget about our luxurious apartaments and move to the dorms asap. Hopefully on Monday^^

We've seen a lot during this two weeks, as our Korean friends showed us as much as they could, and I'll share pictures and stories later^^ Fortunely, we were able to quickly find ourselves in here, and it's been really a very pleasant two weeks, hopefully it will be even better once the school starts^^

See you soon~~